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Harry Kim <br />Mayor <br />County of Hawaii <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />KONA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br />Aupuni Center • 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 • Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone (808) 961-8288 • Fax (808) 961-8742 <br />Wednesday, July 19, 2017 <br />DRAFT Meeting Minutes <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />Michael Yee <br />Director <br />Daryn Arai <br />Deputy Director <br />Action Committee Chair Barbara DeFranco called the Kona Community Development Plan (Kona <br />CDP) Action Committee (AC) to order at 2:02 p.m. in the West Hawaii Civic Center Planning <br />Department Conference Room. <br />KONA CDP AC MEMBER AND STAFF INTRODUCTION <br />Action Committee Members Present: Barbara DeFranco (Chair), Charles Young (Vice -Chair), <br />Arnold Rabin, Douglas Payne, Hiram Rivera, Janice Palma-Glennie, Kari Kimura, and Shirley David. <br />Action Committee Members Absent -Excused: Shane Palacat-Nelsen. <br />Planning Department Staff: Keola Childs, Kona CDP Planner, and Heather Bartlett, Planner. <br />Members of the public: Twelve. <br />ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: None <br />STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC REGARDING ITEMS ON AGENDA: Two members of the public <br />provided comment at the beginning of the meeting. <br />1. Steven Birchfield, representing himself, commented on Agenda Item 2. He suggested that <br />the Action Committee should consider the creation of a "sensitivity subcommittee" <br />which would use accurate data about the condition of the local economy to aid the <br />Action Committee in making informed planning decisions. He suggested using current <br />year data and comparing it to past year data to try to better understand what factors are <br />causing changes and therefore better determine what planning decisions might be most <br />appropriate. Mr. Birchfield also made reference to the Missler lawsuit to draw a <br />correlation between the potential roadblocks the legal issues create for government <br />agencies and a decrease in development for the Hawaii County. <br />He stated that in 2005, 2800 new housing units were developed, while in 2015 there <br />were only 851, and that in 2005 there were 18,000 SNAP Welfare recipients on the island <br />while in 2014 that number jumped to 45,000 (or about 25% of the population). Mr. <br />Birchfield expressed concern about these perceived roadblocks in development on the <br />Hawai `i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer Page I <br />