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Communication No. 2017-10.1 <br /> Charmaine L. Kamaka <br /> Harry Kim Director <br /> 1 fgvor -_ <br /> �TFc 'wi.:N <br /> - 4,, Ryan K. Chong <br /> amount;) of 'awat"i Deputj,Director <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION <br /> 101 Pauahi Street,Suite 6• Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br /> (808)961-8311 ■ Fax(808)961-8411 <br /> Email pjik,_iccrc:it€im a hdt► iiiLouiuN L-,ov <br /> httrl;��►i►i►L.f3a►►[1111'[11711E\.�inl€�al•1,�-arrrl-rccreatum� <br /> July 3, 2017 <br /> Mr Larry Brown, Chair <br /> Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br /> Subject Permitting Farmers Market Operations at County Park Facilities <br /> Dear Mr Brown <br /> I am in receipt of your May 9, 2017 correspondence regarding the above subject matter, and <br /> submit the following in response to your questions <br /> 1 The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) does not have a formal application form <br /> specifically for obtaining of a Farmers Market permit Attached is a copy of the <br /> "Application for Facility Use - Special Requests" form that would be utilized by anyone <br /> seeking to permission to operate a farmers market, along with any other atypical <br /> event/function, at a DPR facility Each request is reviewed by the Director on a case by <br /> case basks <br /> 2 Beyond Chapter 15, Article 9 of the Hawaii County Code, there are no administrative <br /> rules explicitly governing the operation of a Farmers Market within DPR managed sites <br /> or facilities <br /> 3 As stated previously, every request for the use of a facility is considered and vetted on <br /> an individual basis We do not currently have a formal process or matrix that can be <br /> used to determine suitability of a particular farmers market request The Director, in <br /> consultation with appropriate departmental staff, reviews each request and makes a <br /> determination <br /> 4 Currently, there is only one farmers market in operation at a DPR-controlled site — <br /> Cooper Center at Volcano Park However, unlike the farmers markets addressed in the <br /> Hawaii County Code, the Cooper Center farmers market operation is a function of an <br /> approved Memorandum of Understanding between the County of Hawaii and the <br /> Cooper Center Council (CCC) While the County exacts no fees for this farmers market, <br /> all vendor fees collected by the CCC are required to be applied directly to the physical <br /> improvement and/or maintenance of the park facilities there or for the operation of public <br /> programs at Volcano Park <br /> While the department supports the concept of farmers markets at public facilities, there are <br /> numerous challenges that must be addressed to implement such activities in County parks The <br /> following are a few of these for your consideration <br />