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<br />Chapter 4 <br />APPLICATIONS, WAITING LIST AND TENANT SELECTION <br />INTRODUCTION <br />When a family wishes to receive assistance under the HCV program, the family must submit an <br />application that provides the PHA with the information needed to determine the family’s <br />eligibility. HUD requires the PHA to place all families that apply for assistance on a waiting list. <br />When HCV assistance becomes available, the PHA must select families from the waiting list in <br />accordance with HUD requirements and PHA policies as stated in the administrative plan and the <br />annual plan. <br />The PHA is required to adopt clear policies and procedures for accepting applications, placing <br />families on the waiting list, and selecting families from the waiting list, and must follow these <br />policies and procedures consistently. The actual order in which families are selected from the <br />waiting list can be affected if a family has certain characteristics designated by HUD or the PHA <br />that justify their selection. Examples of this are the selection of families for income targeting and <br />the selection of families that qualify for targeted funding. <br />HUD regulations require that all families have an equal opportunity to apply for and receive <br />housing assistance, and that the PHA affirmatively further fair housing goals in the <br />administration of the program \[24 CFR 982.53, HCV GB p. 4-1\]. Adherence to the selection <br />policies described in this chapter ensures that the PHA will be in compliance with all relevant <br />fair housing requirements, as described in Chapter 2. <br />This chapter describes HUD and PHA policies for taking applications, managing the waiting list <br />and selecting families for HCV assistance. The policies outlined in this chapter are organized <br />into three sections, as follows: <br />Part I: The Application Process. This part provides an overview of the application <br />process, and discusses how applicants can obtain and submit applications. It also <br />specifies how the PHA will handle the applications it receives. <br />Part II: Managing the Waiting List. This part presents the policies that govern how the <br />PHA’s waiting list is structured, when it is opened and closed, and how the public is <br />notified of the opportunity to apply for assistance. It also discusses the process the PHA <br />will use to keep the waiting list current. <br />Part III: Selection for HCV Assistance. This part describes the policies that guide the <br />PHA in selecting families for HCV assistance as such assistance becomes available. It <br />also specifies how in-person interviews will be used to ensure that the PHA has the <br />information needed to make a final eligibility determination. <br />© Copyright 2014 Nan McKay & Associates, Inc. Adminplan 5/1/17 <br />Page 4-1 <br /> <br />