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<br />KONA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br /> <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />JANUARY 18, 2017 <br />Call to order: 2:01 pm <br />Place: West Hawaii Civic Center Planning Conference Room <br /> 74-5044 Ane Hwy., Building E, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 <br />1. Roll Call: <br />a. Members present: Barbara DeFranco (Vice-Chair), Kari Kimura, Gregory <br />Ogin, Douglas Pand Charles Young <br />b. Members absent/excused: Hiram Rivera (Chair), Shane Nelson and <br />Curtis Tyler III <br />c. Planning Department: Michael Yee, Bennett Mark, Keola Childs and <br />Ellsworth Hulihee <br />d. Executive Assistant to the Mayor <br />e. Public: Lele Kimball, Ken Melrose, Janice Palma Glennie and Jeff Zimpfer <br />STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC REGARDING ITEMS ON AGENDA <br />Ken Melrose: Spoke in support of the Action Committee getting energized with <br />the backing and support of the current administration. <br />Nancy Pisicchio: Spoke in support of the Action Committee. <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS <br />1. Minutes of the Meeting of November 30, 2016. <br /> <br />Committee member Young moved to approve the minutes as submitted. <br />Committee member Ogin seconded the motion. Vice Chair DeFranco called a <br />voice vote and the motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />2. Election of Officers for 2017 <br /> <br />Vice-Chair DeFranco called for nominations for the position of Chairperson of the <br />Kona Community Development Plan Action Committee from the floor. Committee <br />member Young nominated Barbara DeFranco. Committee member Ogin <br />seconded the nomination. Vice-Chair DeFranco asked if there were any other <br />nominations from the floor. No further nominations were heard. <br /> <br />Committee member Young moved to close nominations. Committee member <br />Payne seconded the motion. Vice-Chair DeFranco called a voice vote to close <br />nominations. The motion passed unanimously. <br /> <br />Vice-Chair DeFranco declared that due to there being only one nomination, the <br />nominee is elected by acclamation. <br /> <br />Vice-Chair DeFranco states that she accepts the position of Chairperson and <br />Page 1 of 4 <br /> <br /> <br />