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From: He r <br />ickHNECA(ia), <br />To: <br />CC:,, <br />,,, <br />,,, <br />,,, <br />, <br />Sent: 5/9/2017 1:04:12 A.M. Hawaiian Standard Time <br />Subj: Re: Puna -CDP -participants Digest, Vol 79, Issue 1, PCD�P AC meeting, Connectivity <br />Thank you so much for posting PCDP AC meeting information, Tuesday, May 9, 3:00, Keaau <br />Community Center, on our list serve. I encourage all those involved with developing the PCDP <br />attend this meeting to learn how their issues are being addressed. <br />I hope there will be an opportunity to talk about Inter -subdivision Connectivity (in addition to S. <br />Lauko connectivity between Fern Acres and Highway 11). <br />As we know from Tom Calllis' article in a late March HTH, the State DOT Deputy Director Ed <br />Sniffen refused to release the $15 million appropriated for Puna roads because using the funds <br />for upper Puna inter-subdivsion connectivity "could impact priority projects, such as improving <br />Highway 130." <br />In the meantime, nearly 9 years after passage of the PCDP AC and 9 months after the County <br />Council emphasized the importance of implementing the PCDP priorities related to inter - <br />subdivision connectivity, not one single connection has been planned in detail, much less <br />completed. <br />For the past year, residents of Fern Forest and Eden Roc have been trying to communicate with <br />their respective "roads" Boards about removing the barriers blocking the connectivity location at <br />lower Kaleponi/Punahele (Road 17). Jennifer Ruggles attended an Eden Roc roads board <br />meeting and heard the president and vice-president (the only Board members in attendance) <br />adamantly refused to remove the concrete barricade blocking Punahele/Road 17. She later visited <br />the site and saw the rusty debris and overturned van the Fern Forest Board placed at the Fern <br />Forest boundary. Volunteers had spent more than 100 hours preparing a "visual represenation" of <br />the existing roadway, pulling out rusted car parts, breaking down massive berms of huge <br />boulders and dirt, and hauling away invasive species, including Himalayan raspberry. <br />At its May 6 meeting, the Fern Forest roads board announced that when the rusty debris and van <br />are removed, (with assistance from Solid Waste and Recycling departments), it will spend <br />mandatory road fees to purchase a $2500 concrete structure to prevent residents with family <br />members and properties in both subdivisions from having access to them. Past boards have also <br />illegally blocked this existing convenient access to employment, education, health care services, <br />early responders and emergency vehicles, etc. <br />