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Harry Kim <br />Mayor <br />County of Hawaii <br />WINDWARD PLANNING COMMISSION <br />Aupuni Center • 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 • Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone (808) 961-8288 • Fax (808) 961-8742 <br />AGENDA <br />Gregory Henkel, Chair <br />Joseph Clarkson, Vice Chair <br />Donn Dela Cruz <br />Donald Ikeda <br />Myles Miyasato <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the following matters to be considered by the Windward <br />Planning Commission of the County of Hawaii in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 91 <br />and 92, Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 6-7.5(a) of the Charter of the County of Hawaii, and <br />the Planning Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure. <br />DATE: Thursday, June 1, 2017 <br />TIME: 9:00 a.m. <br />PLACE: County of Hawaii Aupuni Center Conference Room <br />101 Pauahi Street, Hilo, HI 96720 <br />STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC — Note that statements from the public regarding <br />any particular item on this agenda will be taken at the time the particular item is called to <br />order. <br />NEW BUSINESS — 9:00 a.m. <br />1. APPLICANT: VERIZON WIRELESS (USE 17-000067) <br />Application for a Use Permit to allow the construction of a new, non -manned <br />telecommunication facility, consisting of a 167 -foot tall steel monopole tower and related <br />facilities within a 900 -square foot portion of a 1 -acre parcel of land situated in the <br />County's Agricultural 1 -acre (A -la) zoning district. The property is located northeast of <br />the `Ohi`a Avenue - Alapua Street intersection, in the Eden Roc Estates Subdivision, <br />Kea`au, Puna, Hawaii, TMK: 1-1-082:031. <br />2. APPLICANT: CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON WIRELESS <br />(USE 15-000059) <br />Application for a Use Permit to allow the construction of a new telecommunication <br />facility, including a 155 -foot tall steel monopine with 8 -foot tall panel antennas and <br />related facilities within a 900 -square foot portion of a 5.76 -acre parcel situated in the <br />County's Agricultural 3 -acre (A -3a) zoning district. The properties are located at <br />11-3019 Volcano Highway, approximately 400 feet east of the Kahuale`a Road -Volcano <br />Highway intersection, Fern Forest Estates Subdivision, Kea`au, Puna, Hawaii, <br />TMK: 1-1-020: Portions of 085 and 086. <br />