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Communication No. 2017-9 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, Puna Waena and Kai <br />Meeting — March 28, 2017 — Kea'au Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Meeting Report <br />Call to Order: 2:10 <br />Present: Mike Dickerson, Pat Bullock, Linnette Quade, Alexa von Alemann, Kim Pinkerton, Neena Roumell, <br />Hannah Hedrick, Mary Couch, Marlene Hapai, Jen Ruggles, Leilani Bronson, Patti Pinto, Eileen O'Hara <br />Communities Represented: <br />Fern Forest, Eden Roc, Kopua Farmlots, Fern Acres, Hawaiian Acres, HPP, Hawaiian Beaches/Shores, County <br />Council <br />Old Business: <br />Minutes, no discussion, accepted <br />Discussion: <br />Updates from Upper Puna <br />Hannah reported on the ongoing Connectivity work taking place between Fern Forest and Eden Roc. One <br />individual has used a bulldozer to replace all of the rubbish and abandoned vehicles into a berm to divide the two <br />subdivisions. This has caused a real safety hazard and is of questionable legality. Assistance has been requested <br />of Council Rep Jen Ruggles and the Hawaii County Police Department. Residents working towards connectivity <br />between the subdivisions were disheartened, but continue to meet on Saturday mornings and to work towards a <br />workable connectivity solution. <br />Kim Pinkerton reported from Kopua Farmlots. Kim stated that he does road work for Eden Roc and that they <br />prefer a connectivity location at the top of the subdivision which would make a connection between Alanaulani <br />Rd. to Kahikopele. He states that Kahikopele has already been deeded to the County and this connection would <br />meet no obstruction from Eden Roc, Kopua or the County. This CL is part of the initial Connectivity and <br />Emergency Response Subcommittee Report to the Action Committee as CL 943. We need to verify the <br />ownership of Kahikopele and the land over which the CL would be built. It does not appear that Eden Roc <br />currently has a stable board that is authorized any individual to speak for all of their residents. <br />Discussion arose about County road standards, is it possible to have a new standard accepted that would accept <br />the road widths that are a de facto reality in some of the subdivisions? If two subdivisions agree to create a point <br />of connectivity, County agreement and a contract is still required to maintain the quality of the road at least where <br />the connectivity is built. Eileen agreed to investigate, put forward. <br />The County has begun a Puna Connectivity Master Plan, DPW reports they are working from the Report of the <br />Hawaii County Council Ad Hoc Committee on Puna Connectivity. <br />Again, we want to stress that we are working towards having Connectivity Locations, not Routes through <br />subdivisions. <br />Discussion on building capacity of Community Associations to function effectively, understanding of financial <br />reports, funding possibilities, board functionality. Board training could be developed so that Community <br />Associations can function as representatives of the lot owners and work in partnership with the County to bring <br />positive change to Puna. Kui'kahi is limited in what they can offer, investigate mediation services. <br />