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PUBLIC NOTICE <br /> Office of Housing and Community Development <br /> Project Based Voucher Program <br /> Waiting List to Open on Monday, March 6, 2017 <br /> On March 6, 2017, the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) will <br /> open the waiting list for the Project Based Voucher Program - Mohouli Senior <br /> Residences. The one-bedroom rental housing project is located in Hilo, Hawaii and <br /> are designated for households that have at least one person who is 62 years of age or <br /> older. The County anticipates that 30 units will be ready for occupancy in October <br /> 2017. <br /> The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the PBV <br /> Program that provides rental housing assistance to eligible individuals <br /> The Pre-Application form will be available online ONLY at <br /> wwwehawaiicountyeov/online®services beginning at 8:00AM on March 6, 2017. All <br /> applications received by the OHCD will be assigned an application number. If the <br /> OHCD receives more applications than available units available through the PBV <br /> Program, the OHCD will use a lottery system to select the initial applications that will <br /> be processed for this program. Only applications received by 4:30PM on March 31, <br /> 2017, will be included in the initial lottery system. If an applicant is not selected as part <br /> of the program's initial lottery, their application will remain on the program's waitlist in <br /> the order it was received by the OHCD. <br /> All applications received after 4:30PM on March 31, 2017, will be assigned an <br /> application number and placed on the program's waitlist based on the date and time <br /> the application was received by the OHCD. The OHCD will inform the public when it <br /> has sufficient number of applications and plans to stop accepting applications. <br /> ALL APPLICATIONS ARE ELECTRONIC. <br /> PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. <br /> If you are a person with disabilities that limit your ability to access the online application <br /> process, please contact the OHCD at 959-4642 to request a reasonable <br /> accommodation. <br /> Duly submitted by Neil S. Gyotoku <br /> Housing Administrator <br /> March 1, 2017 <br /> 5231 sslh <br />