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PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, Puna Waena and Kai <br />Meeting — February 28, 2017 — Kea au Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Meeting Report <br />Call to Order: 2:10 <br />Present: Amber Shouse, Pat Bullock, Linnette Sawyer, Deborah Beaver, Neena Roumell, Norm Cabaluna, <br />Annette Thornberry, Hannah Hedrick, Tim Beaver, Marlene Hapai, Patti Pinto, Eileen O'Hara <br />Old Business: <br />Review of Minutes and updated spreadsheet. No issues raised. <br />Discussion: <br />Puna Waena connectivity needs are impacted by the reality of HPP. Discussion about the growth of the <br />subdivision, 2/3rds built out presently, still room for more growth. While PMAR has been extremely <br />controversial, it is impossible to deal with connectivity issues without considering the options presented by <br />the various "PMAR" solutions. Considering the points raised by Shipman, and that there is greater <br />willingness to work out a route to Milo St. <br />As the new General Plan will address the PMAR & HPP problems and County budget tightening and the <br />extremely controversial nature of the connectivity we will continue to study the issues but defer any <br />concrete recommendations. We will continue to educate ourselves and to increase our knowledge and will <br />request that our committee be included as an advisory body as the County addresses solutions to <br />connectivity in this area. <br />We discussed the problem of Railroad between Hawaiian Beaches and HPP continuing to be locked. Need <br />to investigate, beginning at County Finance Dept. on what we need to do and who we need to see in order <br />to get this road open 24/7. <br />We discussed the problem of the various subdivisions needing to have a clear standard of roads to work <br />towards. Obviously, it is not possible for all subdivision roads to be brought up to "County standards". <br />Road widths vary between 40' to 60'. Paving with shoulders is a rather steep standard for all of the roads, <br />is there a standard for gravel roads? Is it possible to ask the County to assume responsibility for the main <br />thoroughfares and connectivity locations in the subdivisions? We also want to draft a request that the <br />County establish road standards, or clarify existing standards that will make it possible for subdivisions to <br />bring their roads up to County Standards. Either directly with DPW or if appropriate, as a part of the <br />General Plan. <br />Discussion of the new mandate for our subcommittee. While we are committed to addressing connectivity <br />issues in Puna Waena & Kai, we are also still committed to the implementation of the CLs in our County <br />Report of 2016. <br />Marlene moved "That the CERS recommends to the Action Committee that Upper Puna Connectivity <br />Locations remain on the agenda of the CERS until the routes are established as per PCDP section 4.3.3, a. <br />3): "Establish emergency routes using mostly existing road beds". Second by Linnette. Passed <br />unanimously. <br />The state of subdivision Community and Road associations presents an obstacle to any future negotiations <br />with the County. The various CLs require that Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement be negotiated <br />between the County and subdivisions and if Association Boards are unable to work together to come to the <br />table and establish these agreements, nothing will be accomplished. Is it possible to work with County and <br />State reps to fund some Board of Director training for the Community Associations? The workshop last <br />