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Communication No. 2017-7 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, Puna Waena and Kai <br />Meeting — January 24, 2017 — Kea au Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Meeting Report <br />Call to Order: 2:10 <br />Present: Rusty Jones, Linnette Sawyer, Barbara Lively, Patti Pinto, Marlene Hapai <br />Election of Chairperson: Patti Pinto, decision to continue at our current time (2:00 pm). <br />Update on new Subcommittee tasks. Review of recent Action Committee changes in <br />Committee/Subcommittee definitions, tasking and protocols. <br />We defined Puna Waena as the makai side of Hawaiian Acres (those using Kuauli to Highway 11 <br />and Ainaloa to 130), Orchidland, Tiki Gardens, Ainaloa, Kea'au and HPP. <br />Puna Kai as Hawaiian Beaches and Shores to Pahoa and all of the remaining makai subdivisions <br />and neighborhoods. <br />Review of Connectivity Locations (CLs) in Puna Waena and Kai. A new list of CLs will be edited <br />and sent to members by Patti. <br />We discussed the issues surrounding the emergency access road created during the Pahoa Lava <br />Flow, generally Railroad right of way between Nanawale and Beaches/Shores and Beaches/Shores <br />to HPP. Need to speak with Federal representatives to get further data and seek solutions that will <br />allow the road to be open 24/7. We began to look at the issue of creating another road on the right <br />of way (Railroad) between HPP and the Bypass intersection at Milo. Also discussed Highway 11 <br />as a Federal corridor, possibility? As it is the access to the Volcanoes National Park, second most <br />visited site in the State. <br />We discussed the issues presented by the large population of HPP using Highway 130. It is time <br />to begin to address the issues with the HPP community and the County. The population of HPP is <br />growing rapidly. Contact their Association to see if they are keeping track of the number of land <br />transfers monthly/annually. Issues of the number of cars HPP puts on the Highway daily, the <br />impacts of an alternate road allowing cars ingress and egress from HPP, impacts on the <br />Association roads, the need for County assistance. <br />It was noted that we need to request that in the ongoing work to implement the Upper Puna <br />Connectivity connections and in future connectivity projects that the Subcommittee be kept in the <br />loop and involved/informed as the different projects are studied and implemented. <br />Next Meeting: February 28, 2017, 2:00 pm, Kea au Community Center <br />Adjournment: 3:45 pm <br />