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Communication No. 2017-5 <br />PCDP <br />Section PCDP Priority <br />AC Comment <br /># AC <br />Submit <br />Action or <br />Objective <br />Strategy <br />Type Vote/Dots <br />MALAMA I KA'AINA <br />Historic, Cultural, and Scenic Resources <br />i <br />2.1.2 b Adopt appropriate location -specific development standards and design <br />PREPARE A MANUAL OF GUIDELINES FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL <br />1 <br />O <br />County <br />guidelines for buildings, landscape treatment and public infrastructure for <br />DEVELOPMENT IN VOLCANO <br />Action <br />communities designated for Special Design District status. <br />2.1.3 a Propose Special Design Districts with detailed planning, design standards <br />• In so far as establishing a formal BRBZ as envisioned in the PCDP is no <br />2 <br />A <br />County <br />and review procedures for the following areas: <br />longer doable, the village design district element of this action, similar to <br />Action <br />1) Volcano Village historic core and the separate Biosphere Reserve Buffer <br />that done for P5hoa, should move forward. <br />Zone (see Section 2.2.3a). <br />• CONTINUE RECORDING, PROTECTING, AND EDUCATING PEOPLE ABOUT <br />HISTORIC PROPERTIES IN VOLCANO <br />lative Forests and Geological Features <br />2.2.2 b Adopt regulatory measures, educational programs and incentives to <br />I really want to see the grubbing and grading brochure disbursed to as many <br />1 <br />O <br />County <br />preserve remnants of native ecosystems in Puna subdivisions, especially <br />offices as possible <br />Action <br />remnants at lower elevations. <br />2.2.3 <br />Enact a BRBZ Design District for the Volcano area <br />ESTABLISH A PROTECTION ZONE FOR THE NATURAL FOREST IN RESIDENTIAL <br />1 <br />A <br />Non -County <br />AREAS <br />Action <br />