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PCDP Objective and Action Alignment Table Communication No. 2017-6 <br />PCDP PCDP Action <br />Section Strategy Type Action Items or Objective <br />Current <br />PCDP Status CIP Status tt.�g.�6 Community Mtg. <br />MALAMA I KA'AINA <br />Historic, Cultural, and Scenic Resources <br />_ <br />2.1.2.a <br />County Action <br />Create a County entity and adopt a process for identifying historic and cultural sites and <br />O <br />advocating for their preservation and/or restoration within the County's permitting and approval <br />processes. <br />2.1.2.b <br />County Action <br />Adopt appropriate location -specific development standards and design guidelines for buildings, <br />O <br />landscape treatment and public infrastructure for communities designated for Special Design <br />District status. <br />2.1.2.c <br />Aspirational <br />Protect cultural sites from destruction by development activity. <br />O <br />Policy <br />2.1.2.d <br />County Action <br />Adopt "kanaka" building code standards to allow structures utilizing traditional Hawaiian building <br />O <br />design and construction methods. <br />2.1.3.a <br />County Action <br />Propose Special Design Districts with detailed planning, design standards and review procedures <br />A <br />(May 2015 - April 2016 Annual Report) Pahoa <br />• Pahoa <br />• Do the master plans for regional <br />for the following areas: <br />Regional Town Center Plan (PRTCP): <br />Master Plan: <br />town centers called for in the Puna <br />1) Volcano Village historic core and the separate Biosphere Reserve Buffer Zone (Section 2.2.3 a); <br />o The Pahoa Village Design Guidelines adopted by <br />Ord. 16-73 <br />CDPs - that will address 80% of the <br />2) Pahoa Town; <br />Resolution Number 454-14 <br />Lapse: June <br />problems listed. CDP calls for three <br />3) Kea'au Town; and <br />o Pahoa subcommittee working on guidelines for <br />30, 2019 <br />levels of village, town and regional <br />4) Kurtistown-to-Mountain View corridor. <br />creating and organizing the Pahoa Design Review <br />centers. <br />Committee who will review development permits to <br />• Volcano — Wants to do <br />comply with Resolution Number 454-14 <br />community plan. There is no <br />Volcano Long Range Plan: <br />recognized governance lower than <br />o The Volcano Long Range Planning Subcommittee has <br />county govt. <br />continued to engage the Volcano Community to gain <br />further insight and participation in the overall planning <br />process. <br />Mountain View Village Center Plan: <br />o Subcommittee has halted meetings until further <br />notice. <br />2.1.3.b <br />County Action <br />Propose amendments to the County building code to add standards for structures utilizing <br />A <br />traditional Hawaiian building design and construction methods. There may be certain limitations <br />placed on the occupancy or use of these structures, such as for cultural purposes, accessory uses <br />and/or occasional gatherings only. <br />