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<br /> <br />Harry Kim Neil S. Gyotoku <br />MayorHousing Administrator <br />County of Hawaii <br />OFFICE OF HOUSING AND <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />1990 Kinoole Street, Suite 105  Hilo, Hawai’i 96720-5293 <br />V/TT (808) 959-4642  FAX (808) 959-9308 <br /> <br /> FAMILY SELF-SUFFICIENCY (FSS) PROGRAM <br /> <br />INTEREST FORM (please write legibly) <br /> <br />All active Section 8 families are eligible, <br />Applications will be mailed to interested families, <br />Families shall go on the waiting list, <br />To receive help with higher education and/or job skills training <br /> To receive help finding a job or increase in pay <br />To receive help working towards financial independence & self- <br />sufficiency <br />To receive tax free money in a secured FSS sponsored escrow account <br /> <br />FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: HOW THE ESCROW ACCOUNT WORKS <br />Office of Housing and Community <br />EXAMPLE CURRENT WITH FSS <br />Development <br />Contract Rent $500 $500 <br />Family Self-Sufficiency Program <br />Tenant Rent $100 $200 <br />Attn: Glen Shigehara <br />Housing $400 $300 <br />1990 Kinoole Street, Suite 105 <br />Assistance <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone: 959-4642 <br />Fax: 959-9308 A portion of the $100 increase <br /> in tenant’s rent goes into the <br /> Escrow Account. <br /> <br /> <br /> Detach Here <br />□ Yes, I am a Section 8 tenant and the Head of Household. I am interested <br />in the FSS Program. <br />Last Name: ______________________________________ <br />First Name: _____________________________________ <br />Phone number where I can be reached: ____________ <br />Mailing Address: ________________________________ <br /> ________________________________ <br /> <br /> <br />□ Yes, I am interested in the FSS Program but I am not the Head of <br />Household. <br />Last Name: ______________________________________ <br />First Name: _____________________________________ <br />Phone number where I can be reached: ____________ <br />Mailing Address: ________________________________ <br /> ________________________________ <br /> <br />IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – RETURN DETACHED PORTION TO THE <br />OFFICE OF HOUSING (address noted above) AND AN <br /> <br /> <br />038fghs <br />EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY <br />“HAWAI’I COUNTY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY <br />PROVIDER AND EMPLOYER” <br /> <br /> <br />