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Communication No. 2017-4 <br />2017 Puna CDP Investigatory <br />Subcommittees & Community Partners <br />Investigatory Subcommittees: <br />Budget Subcommittee 2018-2019FY <br />Formed on January 10, 2017 <br />• Tasked with collecting, prioritizing, and preparing Capital Improvement and Operating Budget <br />requests from the Action Committee to the County for funding necessary to support the <br />implementation of the Puna CDP. <br />• No set meeting schedule <br />• AC Representatives (up to 4): Leila Kealoha, Patti Pinto and Yumi Kawano <br />Connectivity and Emergency Response Subcommittee <br />Formed on January 8, 2013 - updated on January 8, 2017 <br />• Tasked with beginning the work of investigating connectivity in Puna Waena and Puna Kai. <br />• Meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Kea'au Community Center at 2:00 pm <br />Chairperson: Patti Pinto <br />AC Representatives (up to 4): Leila Kealoha and Teresa Reveira <br />Public Access, Open Space & Natural Resources Preservation Commission (POMC), <br />Subcommittee <br />Formed on January 10, 2017 <br />• Tasked to use the Puna CDP to identify and prioritize appropriate properties within Puna for <br />the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Commission. <br />• No set meeting schedule <br />• AC Representatives (up to 4): Frank Commendador, Teresa Reveira, and Yumi Kawano <br />CDP Community Partners <br />Mass Transit <br />Chairperson: June Conant <br />Action Committee Liaison (up to z): Michael Bernard <br />Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan <br />Chairperson: Mark Hinshaw <br />Action Committee Liaison (up to 2): Larry Brown and Patti Pinto <br />Volcano Long Range Plan <br />Chairperson: Dan Taylor Vice Chair. Pat Halpern <br />AC Representatives (up to 2): Teresa Reveira and Yumi Kawano <br />