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Puna CDP Annual Schedule <br />Communication No. 2017-3 <br />Nov. 15, 2016 Dec. 2016 Jan. 10, 2017 Feb. 2017 Mar. 14, 2017 Apr. 2017 May. 9, 2017 Jun. 2017 Jul. 111 2017 Aug. 2017 Sept. 12, 2017 Oct. 2017 Nov. 14, 2017 <br />Pahoa I I Kea'au I I Pahoa I I Kea'au I I Pahoa I I Kea'au I I Pahoa <br />Agenclized Items. <br />AC Recruitment & New members <br />MW W Orientation of new members <br />W <br />Everyone -solicit applications throughout the year <br />Annual Report <br />Approve <br />00'15- , 16 NONE ONE <br />Staff request info for prelim draft of <br />116-'17 0 <br />Staff -draft report, AC to comment at Staff -prep final report for AC <br />July meeting 0 approval MEN NINE <br />Budget Priorities <br />(request due to PD in August 2017) <br />Subcommittee meets to prioritized <br />1111_11 <br />1Subcomm drafts report for <br />111Final <br />_1111_1111_1111 <br />Budget <br />MWWM MWWM <br />MW <br />Final draft for AC approval Submit to Planning <br />Form '19-'20 Budget SC <br />New & prioritized CIP requests <br />Subcommittees <br />SC Confirmation <br />ON Confirm subcomm members <br />CERS Annual Report <br />MWWM MWWM MWSC <br />preps final draft -AC appr. W <br />Submit report to Planning MMMM MWWM MWWM <br />Miscellaneous <br />Form Subcommittee to develop <br />PONC recommendations <br />Subcomm. drafts <br />NINE in recommendations for AC <br />Subcomm preps final <br />I recommendations for AC I <br />Submit to PONC by June <br />NINE NINE NINE <br />Reminders <br />County Council Calendar <br />soon Simon <br />Simon <br />4.4.17 0P/ClP <br />Public Hearings <br />Soon <br />Council adopts <br />budget Soon Simon Simon <br />State Legislative Calendar <br />MWWM 1.25.17 last day to intro bills - 3.13.17 Budget Decking* - 5.4.17 Sine Die <br />Prep for 2018 legislation session MWWM MWWM <br />Request Annual Report Updates <br />MWWM MWWM MWWM <br />MWWM <br />MWWM MWWM MWWM <br />EMMM EMMM EMMM <br />EMMM <br />EMMM EMMM EMMM <br />*Budget Decking - Deadline for submitting the budget bill for third reading. <br />AC Agenda Item (any agenda item, could include draft items prior to approval) <br />In progress (AC, subcom, and/or staff working towards goals and/or decision) <br />AC Decision (decision or action need to be taken/approved by AC) <br />Other (typically a reminder, could be something staff is working on) <br />it to <br />embers <br />1/23/2017 <br />