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i; <br /> Written Testimony to <br /> Hawaii County Planning Department <br /> Hamakua Community Development Plan Steering Committee <br /> December 16, 2016 <br /> Aloha Steering Committee Members of the Hamakua Community Development Plan, <br /> I have met several of you and members of the County's Planning Department over the <br /> years as you met at the North Hawaii Education and Research Center(NHERC)where I <br /> work. Thank you for the years of dedication to the Hamakua Community Development <br /> Plan. I am providing testimony in support of the Hamakua Community Development <br /> Plan and ask you to please vote to approve this very important document. I have been <br /> aware of the CDP since I started working at NHERC in 2009. I know many other <br /> residents who have also been involved and included in this process for just as long. <br /> With any type of plan that attempts to incorporate the views of multiple perspectives and <br /> philosophies,there may be details that not everyone agrees with. I believe you all knew <br /> this walking into the process knowing that there were literally thousands of people in the <br /> region that you were attempting to represent. I also believe that you have listened intently <br /> and had productive conversations about what you all feel is in the best interest of the <br /> future of Hamakua. Having said this, I thank all of you for the years of service that you <br /> have provided to the Hamakua Community Development Plan, the County's Planning <br /> Department, and the people of Hamakua. It is time for the document to move forward. I <br /> ask you to cast your vote of approval knowing that you have done the best you could <br /> provided the information available and within the time period that this plan has extended. <br /> With aloha, <br /> ' Janet N. Lind ey <br /> 109024 <br />