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December 19, 2016 <br /> Brad Kurokawa, Chair <br /> Farrah-Marie Gomes, Vice Chair <br /> Re: Approval of Revised Hamakua CDP <br /> Dear Chair Kurokawa, Vice Chair Gomes, and Hamakua CDP Steering <br /> Committee Members, • <br /> Thank you for this opportunity to provide testimony. I am writing today to urge <br /> you to approve the Hamakua Community Development Plan as revised and <br /> proposed on today's agenda. <br /> I am a resident of Honokaa and work for the County of Hawaii in North Hawaii. <br /> My only child is a graduate of Honokaa High School and Hawaii Community <br /> College. My family is proud of our lifelong roots here on Hawaii Island. <br /> Back in 2009, I participated in a Talk Story session in Honokaa and helped to <br /> gather feedback from others about their values and visions for the Hamakua <br /> region. I was pleased that the County was asking for feedback from the <br /> community. <br /> As I have followed the CDP process for the past 5+ years, I have been very <br /> happy with the way the Steering Committee has referred back to the information <br /> that was gathered through the values and vision phase of this process. I would <br /> like to extend my thanks to the Steering Committee for staying focused on the <br /> values and vision shared by the community. This is very important to so many of <br /> us! <br /> As you vote tonight, I ask you to continue to keep in mind the previously <br /> expressed values and visions from those of us who shared our thoughts from the <br /> very beginning of this process. I appreciate the time and effort that you have all <br /> devoted to this process. Thank you for this opportunity to provide testimony. <br /> Sincerely, �- <br /> Helen Baptista <br /> 109022 <br />