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Aligning PCDP <br />Comment from Community Member at November 19, 2016 Community meeting <br />Action or <br />Objective <br />• Provided history of federal complaint and lack of service issues relating back to <br />the Puna planning effort in the 1990s which resulted in a plan never adopted by <br />the County. <br />3.4.3h <br />• Need Wastewater Treatment Substation for Pahoa — the scope of this project <br />currently stops one parcel short of the state land acquired for the Puna <br />Community Medical Center (PCMC). Need to expand scope. <br />2.1.3a <br />• Volcano — Wants to do community plan. There is no recognized governance <br />2.2.3a <br />lower than county govt. <br />3.1.3 b <br />3.3.2c <br />• Need more water spigots, police presence, homeless, building code, wifi, <br />3.3.3b <br />3.3.3d <br />3.3.3h <br />3.4.2a <br />3.4.3c <br />3.4.3h <br />3.3.2c <br />• Need a clean place for homeless to shower, homeless not be criminalization, <br />3.3.3b <br />drop in center, secondary access, <br />3.3.2b <br />3.3.3a <br />3.3.2e <br />• Need low income housing, drop in center for homeless, public amenities, <br />3.3.2c <br />bathrooms, parking, <br />3.5.3c <br />3.1.3c <br />• Streamline zoning now stifled by county planning, need affordable housing, <br />3.3.2e <br />eliminate special use permits, <br />3.3.2a <br />• Need homeless shelter, substance abuse reform, too difficult, current building <br />3.3.2c <br />code adds too much expense for low income residents. <br />3.3.3b <br />3.3.3h <br />3.1.2d <br />• Need for health and welfare. Concerned about substandard subdivisions. <br />3.2.3a <br />3.3.3b <br />• There is a disconnect with State laws and roadwork with licensed contractors <br />required for roadwork over $1,000. Water on roads remains a problem. <br />4.2.2d <br />• Need a Puna makai alternate route (PMAR), widening of 130, more jobs and <br />4.2.3b <br />services within our communities. Revamp bus system. Puna is underserved by <br />4.3.2b <br />State. <br />4.3.3a <br />3.3.3a <br />• Need for transportation to go to medical appointments, maintaining recreational <br />4.2.2b <br />facilities. Infrastructure is needed and expensive. Need better connectivity & <br />4.3.2c <br />emergency response. <br />4.3.3a <br />3.5 <br />3.3.2c <br />• Need homeless shelter, lots of successful models Bend OR, Ashland OR, drug <br />