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Communication No. 2017-1 <br />PAHOA REGIONAL TOWN CENTER PLAN STEERING COMMITTEE <br />December 5, 2016 8:00 am <br />Luquin's <br />MEETING NOTES <br />Present: Mark Hinshaw, Patti Pinto, Jon Olson, Larry Brown, Elmer Solis, Madie Greene <br />Luquin's Parking Lot <br />It was reported that Dr. Shapiro has vacated the premises of the building that requires demolition. Understandable <br />delays have pushed back the demolition completion date, but the process has begun. <br />Puna Meeting: <br />There were discussions about the various topics addressed at the Puna meeting. The consensus of the Pahoa Regional <br />Town Center Planning Subcommittee is that we will focus on the need for a consultant to be contracted to create the <br />Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan and to oversee the completion of a wastewater treatment study. <br />Other topics covered were: What were the deficiencies of Civil Defense response to Iselle? PGV? How do we get the <br />designated County departments to address the action items in the PCDP? With a new planner on staff at the Planning <br />Department will we be able to devote more focus to long range planning? Will the new planning director help to <br />streamline the permit process? We discussed various funding methods and requirements for infrastructure <br />improvements in Puna. <br />Our bottom line: We need a consultant for the Pahoa Town Center Plan and to oversee completion of a wastewater <br />treatment study now. <br />