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JNt�OFy4� H5m5kua Community <br />Development Plan <br />E OFHP <br />CDP Update I December M6 <br />Remaining Steps to CDP <br />Adoption: <br />■ Agency review <br />■ Planning Director review & <br />recommendations <br />■ Windward Planning <br />Commission review & <br />recommendations <br />➢ Public Hearings <br />■ County Council review and <br />decision <br />➢ Public Hearings <br />■ Mayor review and signature <br />What does the Steering Committee vote mean? <br />■ The Hamakua Draft CDP is now considered <br />the `Recommended CDP' and will go through <br />the remaining steps to CDP Adoption listed in <br />the box at left. It is not considered the `Final <br />CDP' until it is officially adopted and signed by <br />the Mayor. <br />Where can I find the `Recommended CDP'? <br />■ Currently the Jam 2o16 Draft CDP and the <br />Summary of Revisions are on the website. <br />The ce ommended CDP' is being developed <br />by incorporating the revisions and will be <br />posted on the website as soon as possible. <br />When will the CDP be adopted? <br />■ The steps to adoption involve various <br />agencies and regulatory bodies, so it is <br />difficult to accurately estimate. The CDP <br />website and email updates will continue to <br />update the community on how the CDP is <br />progressing through the adoption phase. <br />