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Communication 2016-31 <br />PAHOA REGIONAL TOWN CENTER PLAN STEERING COMMITTEE <br />November 14, 2016 8:00 am <br />Luquin's <br />MEETING NOTES <br />Present: Mark Hinshaw, Patti Pinto, Jon Olson, Larry Brown, Madie Greene, Eileen O'Hara, Oshi <br />Simsarian <br />Luguin's Parking Lot <br />Elmer was unable to be present, but phoned in the following report: <br />"Sal informs me that the County took the parking lot out of escrow. Offered him 100k less for the <br />property with the building. Sal then told the owner of the building that it will cost him 100k to buy <br />that piece of land. Owner of building said that he'll take the building down by the end of November. <br />In addition, Paul's property is on Sal's land about 2 feet. Hopefully that's an easy fix. Sal hopes he <br />can get the same deal from the County after the building is demolished, although he's scared that <br />things will change with the new administration <br />It is the opinion of the Pahoa Steering Committee that the new administration will be supportive of <br />the project. <br />Opening Up Pahoa Parking Lot: <br />We need to have the County open the Neighborhood Center parking lot 24/7. At this time, the lot <br />stays open until about 8:00 pm when the Community Center is in use. When the public uses the lot <br />for Pahoa parking they risk having their care locked in for the night. It could take a long time to get <br />the Luquin's parking lot up and in use by the public, we need the County lots to be open. We will <br />add this to the agenda for our discussion with Mayor elect Harry Kim. Council member elect O'Hara <br />made a note of the request. <br />Meeting with Mayor Elect Kim: <br />We discussed our planned meeting with Mayor Elect Kim. The Mayor Elect says that the 19th is not a <br />good date for him to meet with the Pahoa folks. We will use the meeting time to discuss and <br />prioritize our agenda and schedule a meeting with the Mayor in January in conjunction with the <br />PCDP Action Committee. <br />Puna priorities we suggested at today's meeting are: <br />• The planning consultant and waste water treatment study which is "shovel ready". We <br />discussed the necessity to address the burgeoning population of HPP and its needs and <br />impacts on the Puna infrastructure, but it appears that we should start with the Pahoa Plan. <br />• The possibility of creating a commercial area/community center in HPP and the <br />infrastructure that would be required to support such an effort. <br />• The parking crisis in Pahoa <br />• Signage in Pahoa <br />