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Transit Master Plan Update <br />July 18th contract executed with SSFM International <br />Cost/Budget: $500,000 <br />Task: <br />1. Task 1: Planning & Coordination <br />15% <br />2. Task 2: Develop Vision and Goals <br />5% <br />3. Task 3: Public Process <br />10% <br />4. Task 4: Review Existing Conditions <br />15% <br />5. Task 5: Trends and Future Needs <br />10% <br />6. Task 6: Service Improvement Program <br />15% <br />7. Task 7: Develop a 2020 Capital Investment Program Element <br />10% <br />8. Task 8: Develop a Financial Plan <br />10% <br />We are currently on Task 1: Project team is reviewing requests for services, complaints, suggestions, <br />and other pertinent communications. MTA has provided studies and plans relevant to transit. <br />Surveys will be going out in January and the public process will take place approximately in March, <br />2017. <br />The entire plan shall be completed in 18 months. <br />