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t``H �tib <br /> ?,116 N(11) 9 An 11 28 <br /> PLAN •H I. . 'ENT <br /> KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS COol'I I Y ur HAWAII <br /> November 2, 2016 <br /> Brad Kurokawa, Chair ti• <br /> Hamakua Community Development Plan <br /> Steering Committee <br /> County of Hawai'i, Planning Department <br /> 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 <br /> Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br /> Subject: Land Use Pattern Allocation Guide (LUPAG) map for TMK Nos. 327-003-024 and <br /> 327-003-025; Pahoehoe,South Hilo, Hawai'i <br /> On behalf of Kamehameha Schools (KS), I am submitting testimony on the Pauka'a Map <br /> Adjustments. This written testimony is a follow up to our verbal testimony submitted at your <br /> September 10, 29, and October 21, 2016 Steering Committee meetings. <br /> I will not be reiterating points made in earlier testimony; however, I would like to provide this <br /> new information for your consideration: <br /> • I would like to address the concerns of the steering committee that KS could potentially <br /> develop these lands and sell them. KS' lands at Pahoehoe are "legacy lands" for our <br /> trust. They are lands originally bequeathed to Princess Pauahi by Victoria Kamamalu. It is <br /> our practice to keep our legacy lands in perpetuity, for the future benefit of our lahui. If <br /> KS were to pilot an affordable farm-worker housing project,the units would be for <br /> rent/lease and not for sale in fee. <br /> • At your last meeting, some of your steering committee members as well as staff planners <br /> asserted there are existing tools that would allow KS to accomplish its agricultural <br /> support infrastructure goals, such as affordable farm-worker housing. In a follow up <br /> meeting with the County Planning department on October 25, 2016, we were able to <br /> determine the following problems with the existing tools: <br /> o Agriculture Project Districts(APD): APD is not an appropriate tool because it is <br /> limited by State Land Use law,which dictates that the density is no less than one <br /> (1) residence per one (1) acre. The APD essentially supports more sprawl. <br /> 895 KAUHIULA ROAD,HILO,HAWAI'I 96720 TELEPHONE(8o8)982-0830 FAx(8o8)982-0845 <br /> Founded and Endowed by the Legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop 10 8 4 5 0 <br />