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1 <br />Pauka'a Mauka Land Use Guide Map Designations: Alternatives Relative to Objectives, Factors, Community Input <br />Note: Current zoning determines permitted uses. In addition, CDP land use designations do not amend the General Plan, and the General Plan is controlling. <br />Hamakua CDP Steering Committee Decision -Making Tool for November 2, 2016 <br />• Option 1: No change to the Draft CDP <br />• Option 2: Designate a portion of parcels 2-7-003:023, 2-7-038:005, 2-7-038:002, <br />and 2-7-038:004 as Low Density Urban (along mauka side of Kulana Street) <br />Objective rotectrestoreCurrent <br />GP LUPAG LDU extends from Pauka'a <br />Draft CDP shrinks LDU areas to avoid <br />Owner of parcel 023 is Kamehameha Schools, <br />Option 2 is intended to keep urban <br />viable agricultural lands... <br />Encroachment Onto <br />urban areas along HWY 19 and agricultural areas <br />encroaching onto agricultural areas and to <br />which has mission -based long-term agricultural <br />development close to Kulana Street to <br />• _icultural <br />to urban Papa`ikou. <br />provide a buffer of agricultural or open area <br />plans for these legacy lands, is considering plans <br />preserve mauka agriculture lands. <br />• <br />between urban areas of Pauka'a and <br />to develop housing on lower portion of parcel <br />Papa`ikou. <br />as part of lease package for farmers working <br />• NOTE: There is a gulch that separates the <br />mauka ag lands (see also Factor 6). <br />north side of Pauka'a from the Pu`u`eo Paku <br />neighborhood. <br />• ,j. rectuturesettement_ <br />• Factor 3: The subject parcels are in the SLU <br />Draft CDP more closely aligns LDU with <br />Newly approved residential subdivision (21 <br />Factor 3: Option 2 is not as aligned with the <br />patterns ... concentrating new <br />SLU Boundary. <br />Agricultural District. <br />current SLU districts and County residential <br />lots) situates an urban residential <br />SLU urban boundary, since the subject parcels <br />developmentng,zoning. <br />neighborhood across from the subject parcels <br />are in the SLU Agriculture district. <br />walkable ... limiting rural sprawl. <br />Factor 4: Align With <br />• Factor 4: The subject parcels are zoned Ag -20. <br />along Kulana Street. <br />CountyObjective <br />Draft CDP provides limited flexibility for <br />Factor 4: Option 2 is not as aligned with <br />9. Encourage the <br />increase & diversity <br />growth by expanding LDU and Rural <br />County zoning, since the subject parcels are <br />of <br />Factor 5: <br />• Factor 5: Existing infill potential in the SLU and <br />designations beyond the present SLU urban <br />zoned AG -20. <br />employment and living options <br />Accommodate <br />zoned urban areas can accommodate growth <br />area mauka of Kulana Street. <br />Projected Populatio <br />projections through 2035. <br />Factor 5: Existing infill potential in the SLU <br />Growthurban <br />and zoned urban areas can <br />accommodate growth projections through <br />2035. However, designating a portion of the <br />subject parcels LDU could provide additional <br />flexible housing options in close proximity to <br />existing infrastructure. <br />• , Develop ancCounty <br />water system service = 1 unit per existing <br />Draft CDP designations for LDU are <br />Recent infrastructure improvements for the <br />0 Option 2 may be supported by COH water <br />improve critical community <br />Potable Water, <br />lot; not necessarily available for subdivision, <br />supported by infrastructure Factors 6-8. <br />21 -lot subdivision may provide increased <br />and wastewater systems (see note at left). <br />infrastructure, including utilities. <br />Roadway Network, & <br />ohana, or zone changes. <br />capacity to the northern section of Pauka'a. <br />Also, private water source (see left) may be <br />Wastewater <br />• Current roadway is adequate. <br />Owner of TMK 023 (KS) has invested <br />developed for residential use. <br />• Some parts of area serviced by Pauka'a-Papa`ikou <br />substantially in water infrastructure to parcels <br />0 Roadway network is adequate to support <br />Wastewater Treatment System. <br />for ag use; former COH potable water source <br />Option 2. <br />could possibly be used for residential <br />development. <br />October 26, 2016 <br />