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Communication No. 2016-26 <br />Volcano Long Range Plan <br />Community Survey Summary <br />October 30, 2016 <br />Background <br />The Volcano Long Range Plan Committee survey to measure community sentiment and <br />gather input was available in hard copy and online (Survey Monkey) formats from <br />October 1-21, 2016. Paper surveys were mailed to nearly 2,000 Volcano and Hawaii <br />Volcanoes National Park post office boxes. Paper surveys were also available at <br />Volcano Store, Kilauea General Store, TruValue Hardware, Volcano Art Center and <br />Volcano Garden Arts. In addition, postcards with information about completing the <br />survey online were mailed to nearly 2,000 property owners with addresses outside of <br />Volcano and the national park. <br />Numbers: The number of surveys completed totaled 287. Based on a random sample, <br />the results show a 95% confidence index, plus or minus 5.5%. (If the survey were to be <br />replicated 100 times, 95% of the time the results would be within 5.5% of the current <br />results.) <br />Geographic Spread: Responses came from 13 mainland zip codes, all the major <br />neighbor islands, and other zip codes on Hawaii Island. The highest percentage of <br />responses came from Volcano Village (30.7%) and other non -Volcano zip codes <br />(19.1%). <br />Survey Highlights <br />Living in Volcano: The top three things respondents like about living in Volcano are: <br />peaceful & quiet (55.4%); forest and birds (55.1 %); and cool climate (43.6). <br />Initiatives: Thirteen community improvement initiatives formed the heart of the survey. <br />Respondents were asked to mark each initiative as "support," "don't support," "need <br />more information," or "no opinion." <br />The following initiatives: <br />Were supported by more than 50% of respondents: <br />1. Continue support and equipment for community CERT and FIREWISE <br />programs (80.1%) <br />2. Provide health care services for Volcano (78.8%) <br />3. Continue recording, protecting, and educating people about historic <br />properties here (76.7%) <br />4. Prepare a manual of guidelines for residential and commercial development <br />in Volcano (72.8%) <br />5. Establish a protection zone for the natural forest in residential areas (70.28%) <br />6. Redesign main thoroughfares for shared bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle uses <br />(62%) <br />7. Develop architectural and landscaping standards for the commercial district <br />(56.5%) <br />8. Designate Hwy. 11 between Mountain View and Volcano as a National <br />Scenic Byway (51.6%) <br />