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Steering Committee Review of Community Input, October 2016 Review Document 5 of 5 <br />HAMAKUA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) <br />Review Packet Document #5 of 5: <br />Additional Possible Revisions to <br />Policies 1 & 12 <br />This document summarizes possible revisions to the September 10, 2016 preliminary <br />decisions the Steering Committee made to revise Policies 1 and 12. <br />Note: From March 15 through June 15, 2016, the January 2016 Draft of the Hamakua Community <br />Development Plan (CDP) was available for public review and comment. The CDP Planning Team <br />preliminarily flagged comments for potential follow-up into the following categories: <br />■ No Change: These comments do not require revisions either because they address issues already <br />covered within the January 2016 Draft CDP, are addressing issues outside the scope of the CDP, or <br />are inconsistent with established Community Objectives. (Included in Review Doc. #1) <br />■ Minor Edits: These comments make suggestions for improving formatting or policy wording, and <br />are generally non -substantive edits to the CDP. (Included in Review Doc. #2) <br />■ Revisions: These comments are suggestions for improving the CDP that are consistent with <br />Community Objectives and therefore require Steering Committee review but not necessarily <br />committee deliberation. (Included in Review Doc. #3) <br />■ SC Deliberation: These comments address issues that reauire Steeriniz Committee deliberation. <br />(Included in Review Docs. #4 and #5) <br />All the community feedback and the Review Packet, including the Summary of Comments (Document #1), <br />the Minor Edits (Document #2), the Proposed Revisions & Additions (Document #3), and the Steering <br />Committee Deliberations (Documents #4 & #5) are located online at This <br />document is Additional Possible Revisions to Policies 1 & 12, Document #5. <br />Next Steps: Over a series of meetings, the Steering Committee will consider this input and make final <br />recommendations. All Steering Committee meetings are open to the public, and public comment is <br />always welcome. Only after the Steering Committee is satisfied that the CDP truly reflects community <br />preferences will it recommend that the CDP be adopted. <br />HAMAKUA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) I Revision Doc. #5 <br />