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Communication 2016-23 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response <br />Meeting —July 26, 2016, Keaau Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. (Note change in meeting time) <br />MINUTES <br />Call to Order: 2:09 p.m. <br />Call for Approval of Minutes as Circulated (May 24, 2016) - Approved <br />Present: Patti Pinto, Hannah Hedrick, Marlene Hapai, Ron Terry, Marty Eisgruber, <br />Linnette Sawyer-Quade, John Owen, Nelson Ho, Jon Olson, Frederic Wirick <br />Old Business: <br />• Update Puna Connectivity Ad hoc Committee Report <br />Discussion: <br />Safe routes to schools is a high priority in the 2008 PCDP. It has been 8 years <br />since its approval, many community meetings have been held, including 2 <br />Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness Fairs that collected community input. <br />The report should reflect what can be done, i.e. to include paved 2 -lane <br />roadways meeting county standards. <br />Motion: The Connectivity and Emergency Response Subcommittee of the <br />PCDP Action Committee (CERS/PCDPAC) accepts the Ad hoc Committee <br />Report on Puna Connectivity including the 7/20/16 letter submitted by <br />Frederic Wirick, Secretary of the Orchidland Community Association. <br />(Motion: Hannah Hedrick; Seconded: Jon Olson; Unanimous Approval) <br />Motion: The CERS/PCDPAC supports approval of South Lauko Road as a 2 - <br />lane paved road which will provide connectivity, emergency response and <br />safe routes to school.(Motion: Marty Eisgruber; Seconded: Jon Olson; <br />Unanimous Approval) <br />• Update on Environmental Assessment for 3 roads leading from Fern <br />Acres to Highway 11. <br />Ron Terry of Geometricians presented 6 alternatives: S. Lauko, Psyzk, Puhala <br />and combinations of these or no action. Presented USGS topographic map <br />showing areas. <br />Discussion included when making decisions: <br />*Consider Safe Routes to Schools <br />*Consider Puhala to Highway 11 as it contains lots of right hand turns <br />which therefore reduces risk. <br />*Consider benefits of both compacted gravel vs. paved <br />*Consider precedent set of it no longer being necessary to have roads up <br />to County standards to have County take over road. <br />