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Communication No. 2016-21 <br />Volcano Long Range Plan <br />Committee Meeting Notes <br />August 18, 2016 <br />Present: Dan Taylor, Jeffrey Mermel, Nona Wilson, John August, Tim Tunison, Karen Masaki <br />Discussion at this meeting focused on distribution of the community survey and decisions to be made to <br />meet the October 1 roll out. <br />Pat Halpern's Mailing List (estimated at 2,500-3,500 addresses): <br />Given the size of Pat's mailing list and the additional 2,500 being sent through the Volcano community <br />newsletter, the question was raised whether it's our intent to reach everyone with the survey. The <br />following points were raised: 1) don't include the non-resident owners; 2) current non-resident owners <br />may eventually move to Volcano and need to have "skin in the game"; 3) exclude international addresses; <br />4) contact only Hawaii owners and eliminate all out-of-state; 5) committee would get a lot of flack if too <br />many are excluded; 6) reach as many people as possible. <br />Decision: After much discussion, the group decided to send surveys to all Hawaii and mainland <br />addresses on Pat's mailing list. International addresses will be removed from the list. Volcano post office <br />box addresses will also be removed; surveys will go to these addresses as inserts in the Volcano <br />community newsletter. <br />Since the committee is asking VCA's cooperation and support in terms of materials and financial <br />assistance, it was suggested that the VCA brochure be included in the mail out letter. This would allow <br />VCA to tell their story and may result in new members and additional income. <br />Volcano Communitv Newsletter Insert <br />Linda Ugalde informed Karen via email that the insert must be one-page only. The current two-page <br />version of the survey would incur additional mailing fees. Linda is checking on the additional charge. <br />John volunteered to re -format the survey to reduce it to one two-sided page. He'll also add a color <br />heading to the survey. Karen will email a PDF version of the document to John. Once the revisions are <br />done, John will send the document to Dan. <br />Mailing Labels: <br />John may be able to take Pat's Excel database and print the labels. He'll first have to see if the database <br />will translate to his program. If not, Sher may be able to do this. <br />Next Steps: <br />• Check with VCA about envelopes with return addresses for the mailing <br />• Check with Linda Ugalde/Cooper Center Council about using CCC's bulk mailing permit <br />• Check on process for getting bulk mailing stamp onto envelope <br />• Check with Volcano stores about being distribution and drop-off points for the survey (perhaps <br />Nona could do this since she's volunteered to pick up surveys from stores; see note below) <br />• Write short paragraph for the October newsletter to call attention to survey inserted in issue <br />• Develop budget for the survey printing and distribution, including costs for labels, envelopes, <br />printing, and postage. Initial estimate is $500-$1,000. VCA will be approached for support; <br />several community members have voiced willingness to donate funds towards this effort. <br />Note: Nona volunteered to pick up surveys from stores several times a week in October. <br />