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Communication No. 2016-20 <br />PAHOA REGIONAL TOWN CENTER PLAN STEERING COMMITTEE <br />July 11, 2016 8:00 am <br />Luquin's <br />MEETING NOTES <br />Present: Mark Hinshaw. Madie Greene, Patti Pinto, Jon Olson, Larry Brown, Alan Lakritz, Eileen <br />O'Hara, Matt Purvis, Daniel Paleka, Greggor Ilagan, Andy Salter, Peter Sur, Jen Ruggles, Gilbert <br />Aguinaldo <br />Luguin's Parking Lot <br />The purchase of the parcel for the parking lot is in escrow. It was reported that Paul Ogasawara is <br />willing to consider pedestrian access through his parcel on the makai side of Luquin's. Larry reports <br />that it is clear that there is no way to create a one-way loop in this section of Pahoa Village. We <br />need to ask Mainstreet Pahoa to set up a community meeting to seek input on what is <br />wanted/needed in the parking lot. In addition to village parking, there could be restrooms, a picnic <br />area, and temporary or permanent farmers market. DPW will be in charge of the project. They are <br />not interested in managing a farmers market. Any county farmers market would be under the Parks <br />and Recreation Department. We need to investigate the past management of the farmers market, <br />how and who. What is the status of the current tenants, they were given 90 day notice. Will they <br />be allowed to continue when the lot becomes County property? Does Mainstreet Pahoa want to <br />manage a farmers market? It would be possible to subdivide off 10,000 square feet and give to <br />County to be a farmers market under Parks and Recreation. Another option is State ownership. On <br />other islands, Parks and Rec run the farmers markets. Is it possible to have a collaboration between <br />DPW and P & R to manage the parcel? Lease the farmers market portion to an individual or <br />organization to run. <br />Our first step is to set up a Community Meeting and a Community survey to get community input on <br />what is wanted. Larry estimates a 60-90 day window to get this done. <br />Danny reports that the next step in the escrow is for Sal to get a survey of his property (parking lot) <br />boundary. <br />Danny will check with DPW to see if there will be any interruption in access to the parking lot when <br />the County assumes ownership. Can the farmers market continue? <br />Catholic Church Land <br />Matt reports on the 14 acre parcel next to Tin Shack. The Catholic Church declined to donate the <br />parcel. They are, however, interested in selling the land to Hope Services. Failing that, as Hope <br />Services does not currently have the funds for the purchase, they may be willing to sell the parcel to <br />