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OPERATING GUIDELINES OF THE <br />PUNA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br />NAME: Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee (PCDPAC) <br />II. AUTHORITY: Pursuant to the adoption of Ordinance 08-98, Chapter 16 of the Hawaii <br />County Code 1983 (2005 Edition, as amended) was amended to establish a framework <br />for the Community Development Plans and establishing the Community Development <br />Plan (CDP) Action Committee. <br />III. PURPOSE: The purpose of the PCDPAC is to be a proactive, community-based steward <br />of the plan's implementation and update. <br />IV. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: In carrying out its purpose, the PCDPAC shall <br />a. Attend monthly Action Committee meetings; <br />b. Invest 6-8 hours of work each month in between meetings (e.g., preparing <br />comments and recommendations on draft proposals and amendments prior to <br />meetings, talking to community groups and individuals); <br />c. Attend training workshops about planning and related issues; <br />d. Participate in a weekend orientation and training retreat; <br />e. Host an Annual Town Meeting to report on progress in implementation of the CDP <br />to the wider community; <br />f. Produce an Annual Report on progress in implementation of the CDP for County <br />Administration, Planning Commission, County Council, Lead/Supporting Partners, <br />and funders; <br />g. Provide ongoing guidance and advocacy to advance implementation of the CDP <br />goals, objectives, policies, and actions; <br />h. Broaden community awareness of the CDP and build partnerships, as appropriate, <br />with governmental and community-based organizations to implement CDP policies <br />and actions; <br />i. Take into consideration state-wide objectives and legislation for long-term and <br />sustainable plans for the island as a whole; <br />j. Provide timely recommendations to the county on priorities relating to the county <br />operational budget and the CIP budget and program; <br />k. Receive briefings, as requested, from the Planning Department on pending and <br />approved permit applications involving property located within the planning area, <br />and on other issues related to the CDP; <br />I. Receive briefings from other county agencies, as requested, on priority actions <br />identified in the CDP, which briefings may be integrated and consolidated by the <br />Mayor's Office or the Planning Department into a plan of action for the forthcoming <br />year and a status report on the current year's plan of action; <br />m. Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the CDP including the need for CDP <br />revisions based on emerging statewide plans, new technologies, innovative ideas <br />or changing conditions; <br />