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Hawaii County General Plan Review Process FACT SHEET <br />Organization: <br />County of Hawai'i, Planning Department <br />Project: <br />Hawai'i County General Plan Comprehensive Review <br />GP Explained: <br />The General Plan is the County's overriding policy document that guides long term <br />development (local plans, zoning ordinances, infrastructure projects) on Hawai'i <br />Island. <br />Where: <br />Hawai'i County (the entire Island of Hawai'i) <br />Why: <br />The General Plan is reviewed every 10 years. The existing General Plan was <br />adopted in 2005, and much has happened since then. <br />GP Elements: <br />The General Plan guides policy on a range of elements including: <br />• Affordable Housing • Resource Management <br />• Agriculture • Pedestrian Walkways and Bike Paths <br />• Climate Change • Public Facilities and Services <br />• Commercial Enterprise • Public Lands <br />• Disaster Preparedness • Public Safety <br />• Environmental Conservation • Roads and Traffic <br />• Indoor/Outdoor Recreation • Transportation <br />• Open Spaces and Public Access • Visitor Accommodation <br />How the Process Works: The County Planning Director and Department review the existing General Plan and <br />Community Development Plans (CDPs). They also conduct studies and technical <br />analyses to identify possible amendments based on data and sound rationale. <br />Throughout the process, County agencies, CDP Action/Steering Committees and the <br />general public are engaged to solicit input. <br />The Planning Director develops and submits a draft General Plan to the Planning <br />Commissions for review, and then to the County Council for final review and <br />adoption. <br />CDPs & the General Plan: During the review process, CDPs will be assessed for consistency with the <br />overarching General Plan. While many CDP recommendations will likely be included <br />in the General Plan, any differences will need to be reconciled. The General Plan <br />provides the island -wide vision; CDPs can stay focused on local policies that achieve <br />the overall vision. <br />Review Process Timeline: February 2015 — February 2018 <br />P1: Gather Initial Community Input... February — June 2015 <br />P2: Review Input, Prepare Recommended Amendments... June 2015 — April 2017 <br />P3: Public Workshops, Public Review of Amendments... May — July 2017 <br />P4: Planning Commission Hearings, Recommendations... Aug. 2017 — Jan. 2018 <br />P5: Council Hearings, Readings, Adoption... starting approximately February 2018 <br />Contact: Planning Department, County of Hawai'i <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 <br />Hilo, HI 96720 <br />Phone: (808) 961-8288 <br />Email: gene ralplan(a) <br />Keep in Touch: Sign-up for our eNews at: Hawai'i County General Plan Updates <br /> - <br />Click on "Connect" <br />