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From: Frank Commendador Communication No. 2016-19 <br />To: Larry Brown <br />Cc: Santiago. Hans; Mercado. Keiko; <br />Subject: Propose Mountain View Community Village Center Boundary Expansion in PCDP <br />Date: Friday, May 20, 2016 4:13:05 PM <br />Request this issue be put on to the July 2016 <br />PCDP Action Committee meeting agenda. <br />In keeping with the intent of the Puna Community <br />Development Plan (PCDP) September 2008 <br />regarding the Mountain View Community Village <br />Center (PCDP page 5-11) . <br />I would like to propose the following change in the <br />PCDP to expand the current Mountain View <br />Community Village Center Boundary to include all <br />land area bordering both sides of South Lauko <br />Road up to Puhala Street which amounts to about <br />300 useable acres located adjacent to the current <br />village center south-east boundary line. <br />As you may be aware the entire Mountain View <br />area also host many large subdivisions in the <br />UPPER Puna area. The last 2010 US Census <br />surprisingly pointed out that we collectively are the <br />fastest growing subdivisions ( North Kulani area, <br />Hawaiian Acres, Fern Acres, Eden Roc, Fern <br />Forrest, Aloha Estates, Glenwood, and Volcano <br />Village) in the State of Hawaii. Most our <br />subdivisions located off of the Volcano Highway <br />grew about 100% with some experiencing more <br />growth that others. This trend only increased after <br />the lava flow crisis in Pahoa. Many are moving to <br />Mountain View area not only from lower Puna but <br />