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Greggor Ilagan <br />Council Member <br />District 4 — Puna Makai <br />HAWAII COUNTY COUNCIL <br />25 Aupuni Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />Communication 2016-18.2 <br />Office: (808) 965-2712 <br />Fax: (808) 965-2707 <br />Email: <br />The Ad Hoc Committee on Puna Connectivity recommends the acquisition of land or easements <br />and the construction of five connections to improve transportation between subdivisions and to <br />provide alternate routes in the event of a road closure or other emergency. These routes will only <br />connect the subdivisions through staggered connectivity locations. It does not propose creating a <br />single public roadway through the private subdivisions. The Committee also recommends adding <br />two additional connections between the subdivisions and Highway 11. Memoranda of <br />Understandings will need to be executed between the subdivisions to ensure that these <br />connections remain open. The County will require land acquisition or easements prior to <br />planning for construction. <br />- t . �9=30'30 3"N- 755`03'24 1"W.19 5054, -1550567) <br />r <br />ele <br />.00 <br />OPop <br />-� r{� � • r r r � �r� <br />Ir <br />01 <br />40 <br />ff ■ <br />. . <br />+ t , <br />IL <br />2 km `,�a' <br />Hawai `i County Is an Equal Opportunity Provider And Employer <br />