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Communication No. 2016-15 <br />From: <br />Frank Commendador <br />To: <br />stlibCablibrarieshawaii.ora <br />Cc: <br />Santiago. Hans; Mercado. Keiko; Larry Brown <br />Subject: <br />Puna Regional Library Invitation to brief Action Committee <br />Date: <br />Friday, May 20, 2016 6:11:27 PM <br />Aloha Stacey Aldrich <br />I met you during one of your presentations to brief <br />our Mountain View community and discuss a <br />possible location for said library. <br />In behalf of the Hawaii County Puna Community <br />Development Plan (PCDP) Action Committee I <br />would like to extend an invitation for your <br />organization representatives to attend our Tuesday <br />September 13, 2016 meeting beginning at 3 PM. <br />for approximately two hours. We will try to get <br />your representatives) on at the beginning of our <br />agenda as I am aware all of you reside on Oahu <br />and maybe flying back in the early evening. <br />Our meeting will be held at the Keaau Community <br />Center located at 16-192 Pili Mua Street in Keaau <br />just outside of Hilo. <br />We want to invite you or a Puna Regional library <br />project staff member along with consultants you <br />have hired to continue your search for a home for <br />the regional library and other preliminary <br />planning. <br />We would appreciate the latest information and <br />plans to date regarding the the criteria you will <br />employ in the site selection process and the <br />various type of services you will provide at this <br />regional library. <br />