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NTY OF y4 <br />.w9.. H5mikua Community <br />Development Plan <br />qrF OF�Hp'�P <br />Get your Draft CDP <br />comments in by: <br />CDP Update I June 2oi6 <br />Community Review of the Draft Hamakua Community <br />Development Plan began on March 1511 and continues till <br />June 15th! We have received a lot of public input at the 3 <br />Speak Outs and the 4 Focused Discussions, and we <br />continue to receive input through the website, email, and <br />directly to the Planning Department. <br />What kind of input are we receiving? <br />■ Additional infrastructure improvements needed <br />■ Adjust town land use boundaries <br />■ Address the challenges of redevelopment in areas <br />with no wastewater service <br />■ Prioritize trail development <br />■ And much, much more. <br />Check out the comments from the various events at the <br />"Community Review Process" section of the CDP website. <br />What would you like to say about the CDP? <br />We invite you to participate in the CDP review process. <br />You can download the CDP and view the Speak Out <br />materials on the CDP website, and copies of the CDP are <br />available at Libraries and Community Centers throughout <br />the Planning Area. <br />How can you help? <br />This review phase is a crucial part of the process and key <br />in developing a strong CDP. You can help the Hamakua <br />CDP bean effective planning tool by sharing your <br />feedback and helping us get the word out to the <br />community! <br />