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Focused Discussions <br />05/11/16 Aina & Coastal <br />Comments <br />■ LUPAG in Hakalau <br />■ *Enforcement provisions in SMA <br />■ Verify that the ag policies and preserving sweeping views are not in conflict <br />■ When did State Land Use Urban Designation occur and when did County Industrial Zoning <br />happen? <br />■ Proposed LUPAG in Hakalau <br />■ Is a moratorium on coastal development possible until the studies have been done? <br />■ How do we ensure unpermitted developments are not continued to be allowed (Enforcement of <br />Laws)? <br />05/18/16 Waipi`o <br />Comments <br />■ Waipi`o taro farmers, Paola o Waipi'o, Waipi`o Circle (Waipi`o Valley Stakeholders Alliance) <br />■ Collaborative efforts for an action plan <br />■ State Legislature introduced resolution legislation naming the Alliance as the group to work with <br />Bishop Museum HCR 162. <br />■ Does Policy 60 restrict structures in Public Open Space? <br />■ What can be done if using PONC funds? <br />■ Waipi`o Valley Heritage Center is a good idea <br />o Maybe as orientation to visitors (half an hour or so) <br />o PONC funds might restrict the use of property <br />o Buildings might need to be located elsewhere <br />■ How will the infrastructure be addressed to accommodate Heritage Center? <br />■ We have been discussing the infrastructure needs for many years. <br />■ Outside information might conflict with the information being shared through the ranger <br />program. <br />■ There is congestion at the top for parking and the facilities at the look -out. <br />■ Tourists don't necessarily want to go down; we may be able to entertain them and provide <br />information. <br />■ Different groups have provided funding for the brochures that are handed out by rangers. <br />■ Discussion about toll booth to recover costs. <br />■ Consider a look -out being moved farther up where the buildings cannot be viewed from the <br />Valley. <br />■ Hamakua District Development Council considered a scenic route along the rim of the valley <br />part of Mud Lane Road. <br />