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DRAFT HAMAKUA FOCUSED DISCUSSION —Waipi'o Valley —May 18,2o16 <br />North Hawaii Education and Research Center (NHERC), Honoka`a <br />Draft Hamakua CDP <br />4.9.5 Waipi`o Valley: Community Action <br />Community Action 16: Form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity for community empowerment to <br />develop a Land Management Partnership. <br />Need: Following the Great Mahele in 1848, Charles Kana'ina assumed ownership of 5,800 acres in <br />Waipi'o Valley. Ultimately Charles Reed Bishop purchased the land, and in 1896 the land was conveyed <br />to Bishop Museum. The Museum continues to lease its land to Waipi'o Valley taro farmers. A history of <br />differing perspectives in the Valley on natural and cultural resource protection, water and stream <br />maintenance management, public access, and tourism have resulted in little progress towards <br />resolution of these fundamental issues over the years. <br />Since 1999, the Community Circle of Waipi'o Valley has been meeting on generally a monthly basis to <br />identify and discuss issues and concerns relative to the Waipi'o Valley. The draft Waipi'o Valley <br />Community Action Plan was developed in response to the issues, concerns, and suggestions that were <br />raised at the Community Circle of Waipi'o Valley Meetings, as well as from other discussions with other <br />community members. The Action Plan represents a broad range of interests, issues, ideals and concerns <br />and serves as a guide for the implementation of a possible detailed Master Plan for Waipi'o Valley. <br />Progress has been made in Land Management Partnership project through the Farmer Training Program <br />at North Hawaii Education and Research Center and by farmers who are offering practitioner training on <br />an informal basis. <br />Potential Community Lead: Community Circle of Waipi'o Valley (Friends of the Future) <br />Potential Community Partners: NHERC, Bishop Museum, Kamehameha Schools, residents, other <br />landowners, taro farmers <br />Potential Allies: Aha Moku Advisory Committee, County of Hawai'i (County Public Access, Open Space, <br />and Natural Resources Preservation Commission (PONC), Cultural Resources Commission), DLNR <br />Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) and State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD), Hawai'i <br />Community Stewardship Network, Historic Hawai'i Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Hawaiian <br />Islands Land Trust, Trust for Public Land, O'ahu Resource Conservation and Development Council, The <br />Conservation Fund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service <br />Potential Next Steps: <br />• Identify additional community partners, stakeholder, and landowner; <br />• Understand options and steps for organizing a Land Management Partnership; <br />• Organize a meeting of potential community partners to discuss Land Management Partnership <br />options. <br />Draft Hamakua CDP <br />