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DRAFT HAMAKUA FOCUSED DISCUSSION —Waipi'o Valley —May 18,2o16 <br />North Hawaii Education and Research Center (NHERC), Honoka`a <br />Draft Hamakua CDP <br />4.9 Preserving Sacred Places: Waipi`o Valley <br />This section of the CDP identifies Waipi'o Valley and Mauna Kea as sacred places needing special <br />attention. This section specifically addresses natural and cultural resource protections for both of these <br />unique areas, but the section also addresses other elements of the CDP that are specific to these places. <br />4.9.2 Waipi`o Valley as a Wahi Pana <br />This section prioritizes protecting Waipi'o Valley as a wahi pana, focusing on protecting natural <br />ecosystems, viewsheds, streams, managing responsible access, and perpetuating Hawaiian culture. <br />4.9.3 Waip`o Valley: County Action <br />Policy 54: Designate Waipi'o Valley, including the Valley rim, as a Wahi Pana and create a resource <br />protection overlay and regulations that will protect Waipi'o Valley's natural resources, preserve its <br />storied past and perpetuate its agricultural traditions and unique rural lifestyle. <br />The resource overlays should address the following: <br />■ Prepare viewshed siting guidelines in the County Zoning Code for parcels along the southeast <br />and eastern portions of Waipi'o Valley rim (GP Policy 7.3 (b)); <br />■ Extend the SMA boundary beyond Waipi'o Valley on the east and southeast Valley rim to <br />ensure that greater setbacks and viewshed protections are incorporated into the review of <br />structures in those areas; <br />■ Collaborate with the Waipi'o Valley community to develop a long range management plan for <br />Waipi'o that addresses public access, carrying capacity, resource management, and potential <br />funding sources for on-going maintenance of streams and roads. <br />■ Support community organizations such as the Waipi'o Community Circle, The Waipi'o Taro <br />Farmers Assoc., and Ha Ola O Waipi'o Valley in developing and implementing a community- <br />based watershed plan based on the Waipi'o Valley Stream Management Plan. <br />Rationale: In the Hawaiian cultural traditions, the term Wahi Pana is used to recognize "celebrated" and <br />"storied" places that have significant Native Hawaiian cultural and historical heritage. A Wahi Pana can <br />be a heiau, royal birth site, legendary site and places of significance for the people who live there. These <br />sacred places have mana (spiritual power) and are treated with great respect, honor and reverence. <br />Most of the studies cited in "Previous Waipi'o Valley Related Planning/Studies" recommend designating <br />Waipi'o Valley as a Wahi Pana due to its significant natural, cultural, historical, and spiritual value. <br />Comprehensive, regional, conservation, watershed, and open space plans often use resource protection <br />overlay districts to link land use policies and conservation strategies with specific landscapes. Overlay <br />zoning is a regulatory tool that creates a special zoning district, placed over an existing base zone(s), <br />which identifies special provisions in addition to those in the underlying base zone. Regulations or <br />incentives are attached to the overlay district to protect a specific resource or guide development within <br />Draft Hamakua CDP <br />