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NSY OF y4 <br />.w9.. H5mikua Community <br />Development Plan <br />Orf o�•µp�P <br />CDP Update <br />DRAFT CDP REVIEW EVENTS <br />• CDP SPEAKOUTS <br />• May 7, zoi6 (gam - 1zpm) <br />45-539 Plumeria St, NHERC <br />Honoka`a <br />• CDP FOCUS MEETINGS <br />• May », M6 (6pm - 8pm) <br />Focus on `Aina-Coastal <br />Pepe`ekeo, Kulalimano Center <br />• May18�2016 (6pm - 8pm) <br />Focus on Waipi`o Valley <br />Honoka`a, NHERC <br />• May 25, M6 (6pm - 8pm) <br />Focus on Agriculture <br />Laupahoehoe Library Rm. <br />• June i, M6 (6pm-8pm) <br />Focus on Strong Towns <br />Honoka`a, NHERC <br />L <br />May zoi6 <br />Exciting News <br />Community Review of the Draft Hamakua Community <br />Development Plan began on March 15th and )ntinues <br />till June 15th! We are very excited about all the public <br />input we received at the SpeakOuts held on April Stn <br />and 23rd as well as through the CDP website. Please <br />join us in Honoka`a on Saturday, May 7th for our final <br />public SpeakOut! <br />Remember, there are three ways to learn about & <br />comment on the Draft CDP: <br />SDeakOut- . The easiest way to learn about and <br />provide feedback on the CDP is to attend a <br />SpeakOut. These are informal, drop-in open <br />houses with information stations based on themes <br />from the CDP. Three identical SpeakOuts were <br />scheduled during the community review phase. <br />• Focus Discussions. Focused discussions, or noi`i, <br />are informal meetings that delve deeper into key <br />CDP issues. There are four Noi`i /Focused <br />Discussions scheduled. See the meeting schedule <br />at left. <br />• Online. The CDP website contains the Draft CDP <br />documents and the SpeakOut materials for your <br />review. There are also online feedback forms to <br />submit comments, or you can email input to the <br />CDP Team at the address listed below. <br />Also note: sample hard copies of the CDP are available <br />at Libraries and Community Centers throughout the <br />Planning Area. <br />You Can Help! <br />You can help the Hamakua CDP be an effective <br />planning tool by getting involved in the review process <br />and helping us get the word out to the community! <br />