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Who Takes Action <br />The Hamakua CDP employs four types of strategies to achieve Community Objectives — two <br />County policy strategies (Land Use Policies & County Actions); important strategies that fall <br />outside of the County's jurisdiction (Kokua Actions); and initiatives that must be led by the <br />community (Community Actions). <br />Land Use Policies —official <br />County land use policy <br />guidance. <br />Kokua Action — federal, <br />state, and private actions that <br />help advance CDP implementation. <br />Land Use <br />Policies <br />Kokua <br />Action <br />k , <br />OF County Actions —official County <br />µP <br />policies to guide future County <br />County <br />Action <br />Community <br />"MU <br />priorities and initiatives, <br />including operating and <br />capital budgets. <br />Community Action — <br />,.w„)munit y -based collaborative <br />initiatives with support from a range <br />of agencies and organizations. <br />