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Strong Communities & Towns <br />Strong Character: Heritage & History <br />Objective 4: Protect and nurture Hamakua's social and cultural <br />diversity and heritage assets, including sacred places, historic si <br />and buildings, and distinctive plantation towns. <br />Objective 2:...Protect and enhance viewscapes and open space L11UL <br />exemplify Hamdkua-s rural character. <br />WHAT HAMAKUA SAID <br />"Building and development <br />guidelines and restrictions to <br />etain Hamakua's ambience." <br />"Opportunities to nurture traditional arts <br />and culture." <br />Existing Policies & Plans <br />Challenges Ir <br />CDP Value -Added <br />• Subdivision code requires consideration of <br />• Substantial Rural Sprawl — primarily <br />• Use County code and code variances to preserve <br />archeological and historic sites (HCC 23-26), <br />in homestead areas (smaller <br />town character (Policy 3, 7, 10, 13), <br />• General Plan prioritizes centralizing urban <br />agricultural parcels that are more <br />. Support and partner in the development of town <br />development (GP 14.3.3. (b); 14.13(j), <br />often rural than productive ag), <br />plans (Policy 15, Community Action 1), <br /> (a),, <br />• Former plantation towns often suffer <br />. Ensure County facility design consistent with <br />• General Plan prioritizes place -appropriate <br />from population decline, aging <br />surrounding character (Policy 64), <br />commercial development (GP 14.3.3 (f))- <br />commercial structures, & business <br />closures; <br />•Adopt/use place -appropriate road designs to preserve <br /> (c); <br />rural character (Policy 74, 75); <br />• Cultural Resource Commission; <br />• More land is available and affordable <br />on agriculturally zoned lands than <br />. Promote heritage through heritage corridors, <br />• Historic Designations (State, National, etc.), <br />within towns, <br />festivals, and identification of significant sites (Policy <br />• Heritage Centers (NHERC, the proposed46, <br />• Lack of architectural review or design <br />47, 121, Kokua Action 73). <br />Waipi`o Valley Heritage Center). <br />guidelines for heritage towns; <br />Draft Hamakua CDP 1 <br />