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Public Access &Trails <br />Access for Cultural Traditions, Recreation, and/or subsistence <br />Objective 1: Protect, restore, and enhance watershed ecosystems, WHAT H A M A K U A SAID <br />sweeping views, and open spaces from mauka forests to makai <br />shorelines, while assuring responsible public access for recreational, "Access t o historical <br />spiritual, cultural, and sustenance practices. <br />Objective 12: Preserve traditional subsistence practices and encourage trails and fishing <br />a reciprocity (e.g. bartering) economy as a sustainable complement to <br />Hamakuo'sresource-based economy. routes to the ocean." <br />Objective 3: Encourage community-based collaborative management <br />plans to assure that human activities are in harmony with the quality <br />of Hamakua's unique natural and cultural landscape. <br />"Mauka to makai access." <br />Existing Policies & Plans Challenges CDP Value -Added <br />• Shoreline Management Area review process • Lack of resources for management of Increase capacity to establish & maintain a Public <br />establishes public access. (HRS 205A-26); public trails and accesses, Access and Trail Program — including developing an <br />• Hawai'i State Constitution protections for • No County agency is tasked with inventory, prioritization rating system, management <br />native traditional rites and access (Article 12, managing public accesses, plans, funding sources, etc. (Policy 48, Policy 103, <br />section 7); Community Action 15); <br />• Not all publicly -owned trails corridors <br />• Subdivision rules stipulate public are surveyed or established, Ensure regulatory approvals and permitting secures <br />access/pedestrian travel to shoreline or • Government agencies inconsistent in public access when appropriate (Policy 50), <br />mountain areas where existing activities or securing public accesses, Seek to secure acquisition or easement priority areas <br />trails exist (HRS 46-6.5 and HCC 34-4(c)); for public access (Policy 16, 49, 52, Kokua Action 24), <br />Draft Hamakua CDP 1 <br />