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`Aina (Natural Resources) <br />Makai (Coastal) <br />Objective 1: Protect, restore, and enhance watershed ecosystem, <br />sweeping views, and open spaces from mauka forests to makai <br />shorelines, while assuring responsible public access for recreatioi <br />spiritual, cultural, and sustenance practices. <br />WHAT HAMAKUA SAID <br />"Open space along all <br />imakua Coast for fishing <br />and hiking." <br />"Would like to see this coast "Limit/halt multimillion dollar <br />remain agricultural." developments." <br />Existing Policies & Plan Challenges P CDP Value -Added <br />• Special Management Area requires coastal . Some parts of coast are residentially . Protect coastal resources by restricting coastal <br />development review, developed and further development development (Policy 2, 8, 14, 18, 20, 23), <br />• Planning Department establishes a 40ft is possible, . Guide shoreline and riparian setback policies <br />minimum Shoreline Setback, . Agricultural impacts on coastal appropriate for Planning Area (Policy 19, 21, 23, 42, <br />• Agriculture lands provide open space on waters; Kokua Action 3), <br />much of coastline. . History of coastal hazards, . Support coastal hazard and adaption research (Policy <br />. Current Shoreline setbacks are not 22, 23, Kokua Action 5), <br />based on bluff/cliff coastlines, . Support collaborative management of coastal <br />. Limited knowledge of coastal resources (Community Action 3, 4). <br />dynamics. <br />Draft Hamakua CDP 1 <br />