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Agriculture <br />Agriculture Resource Preservation <br />Objective 2: Protect and restore viable agricultural lands and resources. <br />Protect and enhance viewscapes and open spaces that exemplify <br />HdroRua's rural character. <br />"A community focused on <br />sustainable agriculture." <br />WHAT HAMAKUA SAID <br />"Lands from mauka <br />to makai being used <br />or farming by people <br />here - by farmers." <br />Existing Policies & Plans ir <br />Challenges <br />CDP Value -Added <br />• Development is targeted to existing zoned <br />Current land use policy maps <br />Land Use Policies/Actions <br />urban areas to discourage rural sprawl on ag <br />designate agricultural areas for town <br />. Sets a firm urban growth boundary to preserve <br />lands, <br />extension (Approximately 76% of <br />agricultural lands (Policy 4, 5); <br />• Development on agricultural land is limited <br />residential building permits issued <br />since 2008 are located on <br />Prioritizes land use on agricultural lands through <br />to agriculture, farm dwellings, related <br />Agriculturally -Zoned Land); <br />permitted use guidance, minimum lot size, and farm <br />economic infrastructure and cottage <br />subdivision policies (Policy 24, 25, 27); <br />industries, renewable energy, open area and <br />• Unsustainable agricultural practices <br />recreational uses (State Agricultural Land <br />negatively impact resources; <br />• Provides guidance for Special Permits, Use permits, & <br />Use District policies /regulations HRS 205-2); <br />• During heavy rains, runoff from <br />Plan Approval on ag lands (Policy 26, 28, 30), <br />• State LUC Special Permits and County Use <br />agricultural areas impacts <br />• Prioritizes reporting, inspection, and enforcement <br />permits regulate nonconforming uses on Ag <br />streams/coast; <br />protocols to ensure farm dwellings serve farm -related <br />Lands;purposes <br />(Policy 31); <br />• County currently lacks adequate <br />• Important Agricultural Lands Protections <br />capacity to manage/promote <br />(HRS 205-41-52), <br />agriculture, <br />Draft Hamakua CDP 1 <br />