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Waipilo Valley <br />Natural & Cultural Resource Protection <br />Objective 1: Protect, restore, and enhance watershed ecosystems, <br />sweeping views, and open spaces from mauka forests to makai <br />shorelines, while assuring responsible public access for recreational, <br />spiritual, cultural, and sustenance practices. <br />Objective 4: Protect and nurture Hamakua's social and cultural diversity <br />and heritage assets, including sacred, <br />places historic sites and buildings <br />WHAT HAMAKUA SAID ') <br />"Wide open spaces for <br />hiking, hunting, and <br />enjoying the view." <br />41�%, "The pristine <br />and distinctive plantation towns. "Perpetuate Hawaiian Culture." <br />natural beauty." <br />F_ Existing Policies & Plans <br />Challenges <br />CDP Value -Added I <br />• Waipi`o Valley Stream Management Plan <br />• Unmanaged access to Valley presents <br />• Support the development of Waipi`o Valley as a sacred <br />2006, <br />resource management challenges, <br />place with a resource protection overlay zone (Policy <br />• Private Land Trusts that purchase land or <br />• Tourism related impacts, including <br />54), <br />easements; <br />trespassing, desecration of sacred <br />• Develop capacity for watershed & stream <br />• Trust for Public Land, <br />sites, environmental impacts; <br />management (Policy 44, 56, Community Action 19), <br />• Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, <br />• Viewshed impacts from development <br />• Support community-based land management plans <br />• Land Trust Alliance, <br />along the Valley rim, <br />and options (Community Action 16, 17, 18, 20), <br />• DLNR DOFAW Legacy Lands Conservation <br />• Lack of implementation of stream <br />• Assist community-based initiatives to secure easement <br />Program, <br />resource management plans. <br />or acquisition to protect rim viewshed (Community <br />• PONC, <br />Action 18), <br />• Special Management Area regulations (HRS <br />• Support implementation of watershed planning efforts <br />205A-2, HRS 205A-26, PC Rule 9), <br />(Community Action 19), <br />• Hawai`i Ocean Resources Management Plan. <br />• Coordinate riverine flood mapping (Policy 93). <br />Draft Hamakua CDP 1 <br />