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Natural &XvwJM­ <br />Resource Protection <br />"Wide open spaces for <br />hiking, hunting, and <br />enioving the view." <br />r <br />Objective 4: Protect and nurture <br />amakua's social and cultural diversity <br />-ind heritage assets, including sacred <br />places, historic sites and buildings, and <br />distinctive plantation towns. <br />"The pristine natural <br />beauty." <br />WHAT THE CDP WOULD DO M <br />■ Improve disaster and emergency response capacity. <br />• Prioritize mitigation/evacuation plans and emergency telephone. <br />• Coordinate riverine flood mapping. <br />■ Support community organizations in planning stewardship and future <br />of Waipi'o Valley. <br />WHAT THE CDP WOULD DO <br />■ Support the development of a protective resource overlay <br />zone. <br />■ Support County increases in capacity for watershed planning <br />and stream management. <br />■ Support community-based land management plans. I <br />■ Assist community-based initiatives to secure <br />easement/acquisition of lands to protect rim viewshed. <br />■ Coordinate riverine flood mapping. <br />Strong & <br />Safe Waipi'o <br />Community <br />"Improve Waipio <br />Access Road." <br />"Improved disaster <br />preparedness." <br />Objective 6: Develop and improve <br />critical community infrastructure, <br />including utilities, healthcare, <br />emergency services, affordable <br />housing, educational opportunities <br />and recreational facilities to keep our a' <br />'ohana safe, strong, and healthy..,_ <br />