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What is good for the land, is good for the people. <br />`O ka mea kupono 'aina ka mea kupono kanaka. <br />Our pristine landscapes and Access to natural resources <br />and care forthe'aina supports and perpetuates <br />rich agricultural lands ... <br />We protect our culturally significant <br />are protected and enhanced. <br />and sacred places, and nurture our diverse <br />cultural and plantation heritage. <br />Hamakua is a rural community of <br />distinctive small towns and villages thriving <br />on sustainable agriculture 'and ranching. <br />4 q <br />Access to quality <br />healthcare, elderly care, <br />and affordable housing <br />is provided. <br />subsistent and recreation, Native Hawaiian, and <br />other cultural traditions. <br />Our vibrant economy is based on <br />local businesses that are able to provide <br />living wage jobs and ensure <br />access to goods and services so that our <br />families can work and shop close to home. <br />Our communities are connected by a network of <br />safe, well maintained roadways and we <br />enjoy multiple transportation choices. <br />- Excerpts from Hamakua CDP <br />"Vision & Values Statement" - <br />developed from community input <br />and adopted by the <br />Hamakua CDP Steering Committee. <br />