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Strong Economies <br />Objective 8: Promote, preserve and enhance a diverse, sustainable, local economy."M16r" 16"MM <br />Objective 9: Encourage the increase and diversity of employment and living options for residents, 4 _ <br />including living wage jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities that allow residents to work and shop -_ <br />close to home and that complement Hamakua's ecology, rural character, and cultural heritage. y <br />CURRENT TOOLS <br />General Plan prioritizes centralized urban development, place -appropriate <br />commercial development, and multi -modal transportation planning. <br />General Plan recognizes need to identify sites for future industrial activities. <br />CHALLENGES <br />Towns have declined in population, businesses, and services. <br />Hamakua products/destinations not a familiar `brand'. <br />Towns often lack broadband service / limited cell connectivity. <br />Lacks ability to capture visitor dollars — primarily a pass-through visitor scenic area <br />Inadequate industrial land designations. <br />