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Agriculture Resource Preservation <br />Objective 2: Protect and restore viable agricultural lands and resources ... limiting rural sprawl. <br /> <br />CURRENT TOOLS <br />Development on agricultural land limited to agriculture, farm <br />dwellings, and related economic infrastructure. <br />Development targeted to existing zoned urban areas to <br />discourage sprawl on agricultural lands. <br />Nonconforming uses on agricultural lands regulated. <br />Important Agricultural Lands protections. <br />Soil & Water Conservation Districts provide support. <br />Provisions allow farmers to live/work on land. <br />Farm subdivisions create smaller farms without residential <br />development. <br />CHALLENGES <br />Some agricultural areas designated for town extension. <br />County not actively involved in watershed planning. <br />Rain runoff from agricultural areas impacts streams/coast. <br />Impacts from invasive species and crop diseases. <br />Limited land tenure for farmers. <br />Inconsistent enforcement of additional farm dwelling agreements. <br />