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County of Hawall'i <br />Lanauace Access Plan <br />2013 <br />The County of Hawaii (the "County") is an Equal Opportunity Provider and <br />Employer. The County adheres to all federal and state civil rights laws <br />concerning non-discrimination in employment and in delivery of programs and <br />services to the public. In addition to every other class protected by federal and <br />state civil rights laws, the County does not discriminate on the basis of national <br />origin. <br />The Department of Human Resources (DHR) acknowledges the purpose of <br />Act 290, Session Laws of Hawaii 2006, Chapter 371 - Part III, Hawai'i Revised <br />Statutes, "Relating to Language Access," to affirmatively address, on account of <br />national origin, the language access needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP) <br />persons. The purpose of our Language Access Plan (the Plan) is to ensure that <br />persons who are LEP will have meaningful access to the services and programs <br />we offer. <br />0 • <br />The Department of Human Resources (DHR) is the central human resource <br />agency forthe County.RHR's functions include administration of <br />laws as they apply to the County.•s • •r strategic planning, work <br />benefits,planning and employment, personnel development, compensation and <br />• • -- and ••srelations,• • Opportunity, • • occupational <br />health• • safety.DHR also supports the Merit Appealss• • • • the Salary <br />Commission with theirduties <br />DHR has five divisions. They are: <br />Administrative Services <br />• Coordinates employee benefit plans, including employees' retirement, <br />health benefits, deferred compensation, and flexible spending plans; <br />• Administers the County's Incentive and Service Awards Program. <br />